Tuesday, January 5, 2010

yesterday once more

A bit of nostalgia puff about yesteryear.

The coffee pot with the cloth strainer, that was how we made our coffee. You get a good strong brew out of the sock filter. You can still see this contraption in traditional coffee shops. But of course now we gravitate towards Starbucks, so instead of Kopi O, we ask for latte, or mocha frappucino, which is my son's current fave. Unlike the totally wired and modern settees in Starbacks, with background music, you drink kopi sitting at the iconic marble top settee you see above.

On a different footnote, those wooden clogs that my grandfather used to wear in the kitchen and wet areas of the home, they're more or less extinct. Nobody wears them anymore. That picture reminds me of the wooden clogs I saw in Netherlands- they're similar, and different.

abc wednesday round 5


  1. I think a number of us have been looking back at "yesterdays" in one way or another! Great post, Irene! Enjoy your week!


  2. Hello Irene. Happy New Year!
    Nice post.


  3. Yesterday Once More - a Carpenters song, as I recall.

  4. Roger, Don't you just love the Carpenters..

  5. We now have a kind of clog come back in Taiwan, in various tourist spot we now can buy hand made wooden clogs. They are really comfortable to wear but make a lot of noise, not ideal for the apartment.

  6. Open toed clogs? What will they think of next? (Says someone who lives in the Netherlands and is a proud owner of a pair of clogs)

  7. Yesterday takes on new meaning each day. Great post!

  8. Beautiful colored wooden clogs. Similar footwear are still visible in our place despite the availability of plastic and rubber. Good nostalgic post and photos.


Great to see you ~Irene