Friday, May 29, 2009

Great Singapore Sale

The Great Singapore Sale started yesterday. This picture of an umbrella art installation outside Robinson's sale window at Raffles City reminds we need to save cash, for a rainy day, like now. In the same breath, it's saying, this is the best time to value buy. Who can resist price-slashing discounts on designer brands? Ok, but is it a need or want? You go figure.

Club 21 sale, anyone?


  1. G'Day, I lived in Singapore in the early 70's and enjoyed looking at your pictures and writings. I lived at Changi in Toh close, coincidence.(Dad was in the Australian army then. I guess Singapore is very different nowdays, but I remember Change alley as it was back then and loved batering, something I probably couldn't do nowdays. :)

  2. Yes Singapore has changed dramatically since the 70s. It's so wonderful to know that you remember Change Alley. The bridge is so forlorn now and a new riverside building is coming up..The Changi Museum is a wonderful place to stop by for memories of WW2.


Great to see you ~Irene