Sunday, May 31, 2009

Indian feast

The good thing about Singapore's cultural diversity is that we get to pamper our tastebuds with different cuisines. We had an Indian buffet with our friends, Uma and Eric yesterday evening at their lovely condo up in Bukit Timah. There's the dried sambal version of mutton (left) and the centrepiece, the butter chicken, with briyani (saffron rice) with mutton chunks in it, and two versions of naan, garlic or fruit (cherry bits), and papadoom (the Indian crackers), set up buffet style on their long kitchen counter.
Here you see the food heaped onto my plate. My first bite of the butter chicken with naan was pure ambrosia. Above the butter chicken curry is a brinjal concoction. So there you have it, an Indian feast. Drool!

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  1. I grew up eating Indonesian food, so sambal badjak is a staple item to me!

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