Sunday, November 22, 2009

Monochrome - cricket pitch, Kallang

A sign says, "This is a cricket pitch. Do not play football here".

Cricket as a sport is alive and batting in Singapore. Football as a spectator sport (especially the English Premier League) is alive and kicking too.

Though the future of that is a bit uncertain now since Singtel outbidded Starhub for rights to broadcast EPL. Most of us already subscribing to Starhub's broadband and cable network do not wish to subscribe to another telco to watch EPL. The solution, the one that will be kind to consumers, is to have a universal set-top device. If not, we're ready to say bye bye to watching EPL at home next year.

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  1. Just the job - an empty pitch. I can't abide cricket.

  2. Cricket is not being played often enough here. It used to be a high society game.

  3. Empty and waiting for people to do something. You caught the mood.


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