Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sugar cane in frontyard

Don't you just love the taste of sugar cane juice? The cane stick goes through the juicer and out comes delicious juice.

In the past, my dad used to bring home sticks of sugar cane for us to chomp on. Nobody does that anymore. I think the dentist will approve as it kind of cleans the teeth. Hehe...

I was delighted to see sugar cane growing outside somebody's frontyard.

abc wednesday round 5


  1. Ah, looks good to me! Wouldn't mind chomping on a piece right now! Fun post, Irene!

    Enjoy your day!


  2. I don't think kids nowadays know how to eat the sugarcane like we do. All they know is the juice form.

  3. your post sure brings back some good memories to me... chomping on sugarcane was something I used to enjoy...

  4. I've never tasted sugarcane sugar, since all of our sugar comes from the sugarbeet.

  5. ohh yeah, i i nver thought of this, i love sugarcane and bitting it to extract the sweet juice. ahhh, childhood memories :">

    my entry is here

    have a Great Wednesday :)

    Thanx for the Visit :)

  6. Awe....island sugarcane! Beautiful!

  7. Brings back a memory or two - beautiful sugar cane!

  8. I've never tasted sugarcane juice ... but I'm guessing it's sweet!! Though possibly not so sweet as I imagine. Sugar beet provides out sugar here, too.

  9. I love sugarcane and its juice. But we do not see them often in Taiwan anymore. Sugarcane used to be the most important corp for us in the past.


Great to see you ~Irene