Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Street food I love

The best thing about living in Asia is the food culture, especially its street food. In other parts of Asia you may get a more bazaar like feel in terms of street food like dining in the alleys. There's still that in Singapore, but since we value hygiene above all else, we've gone for a more sanitised setting in terms of hawker or food centres (used interchangeably but referring to the same thing) which I still like even though these are not air conditioned because there's open air ventilation. I just don't like the smell of food in air conditioned food courts, the clash of different food smells in a closed up space. Anyway that's just me.

So today's post is all about hawker foods I love. F for food, what else.

Here they are, top to bottom, char kway teow (noodles in a sweetish black sauce with cockles, fishcake, beansprouts), won ton mee (noodles in a tomato-based sauce with pork dumplings and sweet sauce pork called char siew and strands of leafy vegetables), kway chap (big and small intestines, bean curd puffs (tau pok), stewed pork slices, egg, amongst other choices, but I usually just choose big intestines and tau pok)) with a flour based kway teow, same texture as noodles), and finally, sambal fried garoupa and kang kong (water spinach) and eaten with steamed rice. The last you could choose off a menu of dishes in what is known as a zichar stall. Zichar means you fry the dish in a Chinese wok under high fire so the cooking completes in a fairly quick stir fry fashion.

This list is not exhaustive and I will post more hawker food in future post. Bon appetit just looking.

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  1. I think I don't like you very much: posting such fantastic food without any of us being able to grab it off the screen and eat it! It looks yummy and now I want some...

  2. I guess this is called food porn. Everyone does it. Like me! Mara, for catering to basic food instincts and making your screen yummy.

  3. Ah, but does it TASTE as good as it LOOKS? Because it looks INCREDIBLE!

    Thanks from the ABC Wednesday team! - Ramblin' with Roger

  4. Roger, the title reads 'street food I LOVE'. They taste good. You just gotta pick the right stalls. *wink*

  5. Sad to say that most stalls selling food good only for the eyes, taste wise some not so good!but being in Singapore we're lucky to be able to enjoy all kind of food from all over the world, especially for a Muslim like me,since lots of eateries has gone halal.

  6. I adore Asian food, and your plates look soooo yummy ! Wished I could eat them tonight !


Great to see you ~Irene