Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pantheon of gods

G is easily associated with God, only in this post, God isn't monotheistic (as in Christianity, Judaism and Islam) but polytheistic.

The Hindu pantheon of gods include Vishnu, Ganesh (elephant god), Shiva, Kali (Shiva's wife), Brahma (creator) and in this temple at Tank Road,  the Sri Thandayuthapani Temple, the child god, Lord Muruga, rules. The temple is famous for a statue of an elephant's backside in a seated position, which is rare.

It is most notably the end point for Thaipusam, a festival which involves piercing of bodies and carrying of kavadis, elaborate structures which pierce the body of the carriers, in a procession of thanks.

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  1. thanks for this elaborate description, i've been to s.g. a few times and was always fascinated by this temple but never had a chance to know what's it about. great foto! ^-^

  2. What a very interesting post for the day, Irene! It's wonderful to learn more about other cultures/religions and I guess that's one of the things I enjoy so much about blogging! Thank you! Hope your week is going well!


  3. Informative and interesting. Love learning so much in such easy and visual pieces! Thanks!

  4. Thanks for this brief, but informative, insight.

  5. Very colorful picture and interesting information. The festival must be a very interesting to visit.

  6. I never new what it was about, thank you for those bits of information! :P

    The photo's very nicely taken too!

  7. Wonderful colors. On behalf of the ABC team, thank you.

  8. Very interesting.

    It's 90 degrees in Singapore? YIKES!

  9. Roger, you need a brolly. Seriously.

    (global warming warms like a walking cinder.)

    And those in temperate climes wonder.


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