Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ION Orchard

ION Orchard is the newest shopping mall in the Orchard Road shopping belt in Singapore, slated to open in July 2009. The picture I took yesterday shows it in the final stages of construction. Its 117-metre frontage will feature larger-than-life screens to showcase retail brands, live global events and other multimedia events.

The pagoda shaped Marriot Hotel on the left is an Orientalist contrast to the modernist architecture of ION Orchard.

A closer look at the shimmering curves and jewelled surfaces of this sparkling eight floor mall. The building will also contain another 48 floors housing 175 high end apartments called Orchard Residences.

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  1. Yay another destination spot for eating and shopping. I'm glad there are residential floors too.

  2. Truth is, with the sweltering heat, any kind of airconditioned bubble is welcome. This one's got some style at least.

  3. Just saw that last month when I was visiting. they finished it off really quickly. So many malls in the city there.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  4. That's an exciting landscape. So fluid and lyrical.

  5. hmm... must drop by this mall next time I visit Singapore!

  6. That is a very nice building. Looks very bold and exciting. :D However, we have lost the lovely park. :)

    Have a nice weekend.

    Alex's World! -

  7. Nice shots. These are beautiful buildings with such unique shape and structure.

  8. oh i think i've seen this building before on another blog. nice!

  9. Shouldn't Marriot and ION exchange their building styles? hahaha...Great shots here. Thanks for the visits irene.


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