Friday, June 12, 2009

National Library

Singapore's National Library, a repository of books in the heart of the city, on Victoria Street.
The flagpole flying our national flag rises skyward along with the cantilevered facade. Looking up from another angle. The building comprises two blocks linked by skybridges. There is a viewing pod on the top 16th storey and a public garden on the 5th storey.
A far view taking in one side of its modern architecture. The building, which opened in 2005, is a far cry from the red-bricked building that was the old National Library at Stamford Road which left sentimental memories. Times are always a changing in fast paced Singapore.
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  1. Nice shots Irene! Have a nice weekend...

  2. The first picture, with the flagpole, is really stunning! It almost makes me dizzy, just looking up at that angle. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pictures.

  3. Welcome to the Robins, great to have you!

    A few months ago, I was introduced to RRPC and I never looked back, I've been playing nearly every time.

    Thanks for sharing these great shots. I've always wanted to visit Singapore but haven't done so, I'm very close by in Hong Kong.

    All the best, hope you'll play again. Meanwhile, you're cordially invited to visit my blog and comment.

    Have a good weekend.

  4. Its a whole new perspective when you look up, isn't it. Enjoyed reading some of your blog!

  5. Hi Irene :)

    Welcome to the Round Robin Challenges, my name is Carly. I have enjoyed my visit to your blog very much. Beautiful angles on the building. Very nicely photographed. I hope you will join us again for future challenges! :) If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email. You can find my contact information on the RR sidebar. Thanks for joining us, have a wonderful week!


  6. welcome to the Red Robin challenge! this is one big building if it encompasses 2 blocks and has sky bridges! wow! you did great capturing the look of it from "looking up".


  7. This is a stunning building! I would love to go in it and investigate all it has to offer. Welcome to the Robins!

  8. Love you shots. A very interesting building to say the least. Nice job with your first challenge.


Great to see you ~Irene