Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

A flock of egrets nesting at Sungei Buloh, Singapore's first and only wetland reserve. The park is a seasonal stopover for migratory birds. It is home to some 126 bird species including sandpipers, plovers, herons, kingfishers and sunbirds.
As you walk on the boardwalks, you can see mudflats and mangroves with their distinctive aerial roots as seen here.
Found! A rustic spot for a picture.
A signboard outlining the species of fishes that swim in the waters here.
A specially constructed tower which offers a bird's eye view of the green and watery surroundings.
One of the views offered at the park. Look closely at the edge of the water and you see one of the resident denizens.
Here's the closeup view of the prehistoric looking reptile, known as a monitor lizard.

If you want to read more including how to get there, here's the official website

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  1. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Irene! How interesting! Don't get too close to that lizard! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  2. happy outdoor wednesday, thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures. scary lizard.

  3. Happy Outdoor Wednesday !
    Your photots are lovely ! Thanks for sharing and have a great day !
    Hugs ~ Kammy
    p.s. this is my first Outdoor Wednesday - it is so much fun !

  4. YOu are BRAVE. I am a chicken. Yikes on the big ol lizard looking critter. eeeeek!!

    I will enjoy places like this through wonderful posting such as yours.


  5. I enjoyed seeing these shots from this area. Very different from where I live!

  6. What interesting photos. Thank you for sharing them with us. Have a wonderful day.

  7. Nice place. Look at all those whites flocked together :-) And my, I don't think I want to go near that reptile LoL. Now for that path above the water. I think I would love to walk through it and look through the water :-)

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


  8. Great shots. I like the look of your wetlands. The only one I've been to is across the street from the beach and is hardly this lush and green and no break from the sun on a hot day.

  9. Oh, that lizard is really interesting! I've never seen one like that. I also have a lizard in my Round Robin posting for this week, but he's a desert lizard instead of a wetlands lizard. Nice work on your posting. It looks like you had a wonderful day visiting this preserve!

  10. Yikes! Eeeeekkk! That's a big big lizard!

  11. that is a great looking monitor lizard; this place looks like a very interesting place to visit and spend a lot of time exploring and looking at the various wildlife. very nice pictures!


  12. Probably not a great place to go for a swim! He is a very large lizard..great tour..thanks! :)

  13. I like your wildlife pictures, especially that monitor lizard, although I would keep my distance. LOL! Great job!

  14. It's great seeing another Singaporean participating in RR challenge!
    I've yet to visit Sungei Buloh, hopefully one day I'll do that.


Great to see you ~Irene