Saturday, August 1, 2009

MICA Building

It's referred to as the building with the colourful windows. 911 windows, in all. Home to the Ministry of the Information, Communications and the Arts (abbreviated MICA), it is now called the MICA building. Formerly it was the Hill Street Police Station. Built in 1934, this colonial building at Hill Street occupied the site of Singapore's first prison and the old Assembly Rooms of the Town Hall. When it first opened, it housed a police station with a charge room, offices and garages as well as living quarters for policemen.

In my childhood we used to pass by the building after our weekly gathering at grandma's in the dark of night, and whenever we pass by it we will say 'There, there, the haunted building' and get all spooked. Civil servants who work there have their stories to tell.

After renovations in 2000 to relaunch it for MICA, its windows were painted in rainbow colours. It has a huge internal courtyard with a glass roof which is a space for art exhibitions and house art galleries, sculptures and a cafe.

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  1. very interesting story, I love the different window colors thanks for sharing.

  2. It seems like I remember seeing this same building on someone's blog a while back, but I can't remember who - I remember all the colored windows, though! How cool!

    Happy Scenic Sunday

  3. That is a colorful buildings looks pretty. Happy Sunday...Am playing too...

  4. I saw that recently and was wondering about the history. Thanks.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  5. Very interesting post...I love the building...and all the colors...

  6. Interesting building!Nice windows.Thanks for sharing.


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