Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sky over St Joseph's Church

The sky over Victoria Street, last week. An aerial view of the Gothic style St Joseph's Church (founded by the Portuguese Mission and built in 1906-1912) nestled amidst old residential and commercial buildings. Singapore's old buildings lend history and charm to more recent buildings, like the uber-modern National Library building where I took this picture from. If you take the library's lift, the one with a full view of the surroundings through its glass, soaring skywards, you might get a feeling of floating in air like I did.

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  1. Very interesting sky, and the buildings just add to the capture.

  2. Great shot.
    Nice weekend Irene.

  3. Singapore is a beautiful city with lots of interesting places, but too expensive for me. have a nice day ahead.

  4. Nice skyline and nice cloudsetting, well done!

    Have a nice SWF

  5. Always nice to have a view from high up - somewhere!


Great to see you ~Irene