Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reverie - Cirque on Ice

Happy outing to the ice skating circus show in town - Reverie - Cirque on Ice.

It's a show that fuses circus acts with ice skating, with incredible soundtracks in a dream-like setting. Kind of creating a new genre like what its producers say. There's a moment when my friend turned to me and said, and that's when the Chinese acrobats will start bringing out the plates. So predictable that, so what we're saying is that the Chinese should know how to break out and bring an avant garde edge to their world class acrobatic acts. Take the cue from this show which takes Cirque du Soleil to the ice skating rink.

What's most mesmerizing are the trapeze acts, to me. The props and costumes are lavish couture pieces, creating a sense of spectacle though I missed out on their relationship to the storyline. There's a storyline but it's lost in the mist of pure acts of human grace.

The show which premieres here in Singapore runs at the Arina stadium near the Indoor stadium till 27 December 2009. Be advised to seek out the toilets at the Indoor Stadium pre and post show as the portable toilets at this temporary venue mar an otherwise delightful outing.

You can view rehearsal and interview clips at Youtube here.

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