Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tis the Holiday Season

As Christmases stacked up year by year, it's easy to lapse into indifference. Yet for my little nephew, it will be his first Christmas, celebrated in the US!

Still, the holiday spirit is slowly snuggling up to me (due in part to the cool weather) and for those who celebrate Christmas, it's just a great way to wrap up the year, surrounded by family and feasting. It's a useful marker.

So here're my images of Christmas...the Christmas holly hanging on the door, the crib, that's for the Christmas tree covered with poinsettas and the gingerbread house, I borrowed those from Pan Pacific Hotel coz they're nice.. for further infusion of the holiday spirit for this post.

Happy holidays everyone.



  1. At this time of the year, I just love to go to malls and hotels just to see their Christmas decorations! Are you all set for Christmas?

  2. hi Jama, I'm almost set, there's still a week to go so still can procrastinate, ha!

  3. It will sure be fun for your little nephew. I love your header.

  4. Hi Irene :)

    Beautiful images of the holiday season! That tree is huge! :) Thanks for playing this week, but one thing, I need for you to comeback and leave your full link back to this post. I need it for the Linking List which I will post with next week's photo shoot assignment. If you could do that for me it would be a huge help! Thanks. :)



Great to see you ~Irene