Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Very convenient - Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza is located right at Changi  Airport. Imagine you have an early flight and you just want to be right at the doorstep of Singapore's international airport resting assured that your backside is already in the airport. Well, I guess that's the main idea? The hotel looks like a scintillating rectangular jewel box. In the bottom photo, you can see it next to the control tower. In the top photo, you see it's directly connected to Terminal 3. It's also connected to Terminal 2 and 1 via the skytrain. Of course this means you have all the F&B choices within the hotel or those located in any of the terminals. It's more suitable for short stay travellers who won't be making repeated forays to the central areas.

ABC Wednesday round 5


  1. What a lovely building! And terrific shots, Irene! And Very convenient for the V day!

    Enjoy your day!


  2. Great V Post

  3. I love the reflections captured in the first photo. It would look like one is inside a box of treasures.

  4. just noticed it's 77 degrees' i am jealous

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  6. haha Roger you must be freezing..thanks for dropping by!


Great to see you ~Irene