Tuesday, July 7, 2009

art by the Singapore river

Salvador Dali's sculpture, Homage to Newton, in the atrium of UOB Plaza. As the placard explains, the suspended apple is a reference to the aha moment when an apple fell on Isaac Newton's head and led him to discover the law of gravity. The open torso signifies open-
heartedness. A stone's throw away is Fernando Botero's Bird sculpture by the Singapore River. Signifying the joy of living and the power of optimism, qualities that Singaporeans should live by.

A serene mood of relaxation descends on those lounging around the Singapore river when evening comes and the city offices disgorge workers who head home after a hard day's work. A sea of tranquillity can be felt when you stop for a minute by the river.

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  1. These are interesting and unusual statues, to be sure! I like the Dali very much.

  2. Lovely scene of singapore. I love the watery scene. Happy Wednesday!

  3. Irene, how wonderful to have world class sculpture that can be shared so easily with the public. Bravo for Singapore!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday...


    Sheila :-)

  4. Great sculptures, and I love everything of Salvador Dali.

  5. Loved the art sculptures, what a beautiful place.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great river view and sky. Love the sculptures. Through this series, I can see why it is called the cleanest city.

  7. These are probably the very first pictures I have ever seen of Singapore. Thank you

  8. Wonderful views of the sculpture and the river. You live in a beautiful city. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  9. I so enjoy seeing your city.
    Fantastic art.

  10. I love outdoor sculpture, and these are particularly wonderful. Thank you for sharing them -- I love seeing a glimpse of Singapore... would like to see more!

    Best wishes... Cass

  11. Beautiful sculpture! And that riverview is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful city! Kathy


Great to see you ~Irene