Thursday, July 16, 2009

over the rooftops, Bukit Timah

The sky looks angry over the rooftops of houses in the prime residential suburb of Bukit Timah. The road names are inspired by royalty, like Duchess Walk, Coronative Drive, Princess of Wales Road, Prince of Wales Road, King's Road, Queen's Road. Residents should feel like lords and duchesses. The houses and condos here are each worth upwards of a million bucks. The city skyline's in the horizon.

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  1. Happy Sky Watch, love the stormy cloud colors, interesting names and yes very pricy....have a great weekend...cheers.

  2. Beautiful contrast of the darkened cloud and the offwhite building in front, right side.

  3. Could be an angry sky! I like the old architecture in the previous post, but then that's just me.

  4. Very impressive sky, looking like a rainy day! I like the legend of Singapura!I've three times been in Singapore It's a beautiful and very clean city. Happy SWF.

  5. a great sky capture of the stormy clouds.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I like this shot. The sky does look stormy in contrast to my serene blue sky. Have a good weekend. Cheers.


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