Friday, July 10, 2009

Iluma : a play on textures

Iluma, which opened in March 2009, is dubbed an urban entertainment centre in the historic Bugis area. The building has really striking textures. You see the snow crystal like texture on one side and the linear textures on the other side. It's quite captivating.
Designed by WOHA architects, it is said to blend abstract futuristic shapes with a 1970’s Vegas style. A tessallated pattern made up of physical plastic bodies, and there's a matrix of flourescent lamps superimposed onto it to produce a display screen, so the surface can light up like a light fixture. I've yet to see the illumination for myself.

The geometric lines here contrast well with blue watercolours of the sky.

Sunday Stills


  1. wow, this is amaing buildings! It reminds me of lego blocks! nice photos!

  2. Very nice, Welcome to Sunday Stills..:-)

  3. Very interesting buildings. Welcome to Sunday Stills.


  4. Cool buildings indeed! Love that third shot, I think the shot would improve if the vertical facade of the building was perfectly vertical. Great choice of sky though.

  5. The juxtaposition of geometry and nature in the last shot is well done!

  6. Wow! That is quite the building! Great shots!

  7. What a stunning building - great shots!

  8. The tessallation of the building is very neat! Very nice, and welcome!


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